Cold Drinks

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The drink is made by blending coffee, syrup, and ice cream together until it becomes frothy and creamy. The result is a refreshing and sweet coffee beverage that is often served with whipped cream and drizzled with Carmel or Chocolate for added flavor. They are a popular menu item in coffee shops, especially during warmer months when customers are looking for a refreshing and cold drink. Frappes are often served with a straw and can be enjoyed as a dessert or a mid-day treat. They are known for their sweet and creamy flavor and are a favorite among coffee lovers who prefer a sweeter coffee drink.

Nitro Cold Brew coffee RT31

Nitro coffee is a type of coffee that is infused with nitrogen gas to create a creamy and smooth texture. The process involves brewing cold-brew coffee, then infusing it with nitrogen gas under high pressure. The result is a coffee beverage that has a velvety and foamy texture, similar to that of a beer. Nitro coffee is typically served on tap and poured from a keg, which gives it a unique and visually appealing presentation. The nitrogen gas bubbles add a slightly sweet and nutty flavor to the coffee, and the cold temperature makes it a refreshing option for warmer months. Nitro coffee is a popular menu item in coffee shops and is often served black or with a splash of milk or cream. The nitrogen gas infusion creates a unique drinking experience that is different from traditional coffee beverages, making it a favorite among coffee enthusiasts.

Cold Brew RT31

Cold brew is a type of coffee that is brewed with cold or room temperature water for an extended period of time, typically 12 to 24 hours. The process involves steeping coarse coffee grounds in water for a prolonged period, which results in a smoother, less acidic coffee with a subtly sweet and nutty flavor. Cold brew coffee is typically served cold or over ice and is often diluted with milk, cream, or water. The lower acidity of cold brew coffee makes it a popular option for people with sensitive stomachs or those who want a less bitter coffee. Cold brew coffee is a popular menu item in coffee shops and is often served in larger quantities than traditional hot coffee beverages. It is known for its refreshing and bold flavor and is a favorite among coffee lovers who prefer a less acidic coffee experience.

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